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Gold Class

Flooring can make or break the sale of a home as most astute buyers will focus on the floor as it is one of the biggest expenses to replace after purchase of the home. It is vital for a quick and successful sale that your floor, especially your carpet, that it will not need replacing. A mid-weight Twist or Plush pile carpet can achieve this because of their beautiful finishes. Selecting a neutral colour that a good majority of prospective buyers will approve of is also an important decision.

Ask our Flooring Solution Specialist about Parry’s Montana, Bordeaux Twist, Congo Twist and Pure Luxury Ranges.


Silver Class

To get the same look as a Gold Class Solution but at a lower cost consider a low-weight Twist or Plush Pile carpet. Being a brand new, plain carpet of a standard colour that will suit any prospective buyer’s furnishings will increase the chances of a quick sale of your home. A small investment for a quicker sale!

Ask our Flooring Solution Specialist about Parry’s Nova, Kakadu, Alicante and Venus Ranges.


Bronze Class

If minimal spend is what you want but get a result of a new looking floor that looks fantastic a Textured Loop Pile carpet is the solution for you. With a large range of patterns and decors available it will be a quick, simple and suitable solution to present your house for market efficiently.

Ask our Flooring Solution Specialist about Parry’s Castleridge, Mississippi, Sierra Grid, Metropolis, Aviator, Landscape and Kalihari Ranges.

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