Perth’s Laminate Flooring Experts


Why buy a laminate floor?

Laminate floors offer many benefits. They are:


Impact, shock, and pressure-resistant.


Concentrated single loads from furniture or other heavy objects will not damage Parrys laminate flooring, and normally no pressure marks remain.


Parrys laminates will not discolour or fade from direct exposure to sunlight – our flooring is UV light resistant.


Parrys laminates are made from 90-percent wood, which is sourced from sustainable forestry practices.

Easy to install

Our laminates are quick and easy to install thanks to the DIY Clic Systems manufactured to all Parrys laminates.


Thanks to their anti-static properties, Parrys laminates are dust repellent and prevent static shocks.


The average length of life for Parrys laminate flooring in a living room is 20-years plus.

Perfect and Natural-Looking Laying Decors

We have numerous styles and patterns to choose from.

Immediate Availability

Purchase your flooring and take it with you immediately.

Parrys stocks a wide range of imported laminates from 7mm, 8mm, and 12mm thick – High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin Sheen, Matt-Embossed, and more. Visit our Belmont or Malaga warehouses to see our wonderful displays in store.