We invite you to meet the team…

The Parrys Carpets & Floor Coverings sales team has extensive knowledge across all facets of the flooring industry, so we can answer any floor covering question you may have. At Parrys, no sale is too small, and no request is too difficult.

Baldy King
Baldy King

Sales Manager

Baldy is a re-knowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He has  specialized in all types of floor coverings  for many years and his  knowledge and skill in the industry is exceptional. His number one goal is to help each customer with the perfect choice for whatever situation they need flooring; be it a new home, renovation, rental or commercial situation. So come in to our Belmont warehouse and say hi.


Alain Aliphon

Alain Aliphon

Store Manager – Malaga

Alain has lived the last 36 years surrounded by quality flooring. His extensive knowledge of all flooring types has made him one of the most sought after Flooring Sales specialists in Perth.

Alain has the uncanny ability to know exactly how you want your room to look and then finds the perfect solution to that issue.

If it is about a floor then Alain is the sales person you must see. 

Syed Raihan

Syed Raihan

Store Manager - Baldivis

Syed comes to us from a successful stint in the Eastern States as Store Manager of a rival flooring company. Having over 12 years’ experience in the Sales Industry allows Syed to give each of his customers the deserving service they need when making an important decision as to the right floor coverings for their home. Further experience in the UK and Bangladesh has allowed Syed to understand changing trends in the market place.Syed’s theory on flooring … “Carpet is more homely than cold hard tiles!”


Stewart Adams

Stewart Adams

Flooring Solution Specialist

Stewart has had many years experience in the flooring game. Years of selling and managing one of Parrys competitors made him realise that it was difficult to compete against the price, service and quality from the Parrys Flooring stores - so he asked of he could get on board
"There is not a better feeling than knowing at the end of the day you helped customers obtain the fantastic flooring for their new home or renovation and working at Parrys gives me that chance." Stewart's background advantage in Real Estate assists in helping customers make the right decision.



Stewart AdamsAlly King

Flooring Solution Specialist

Ally’s ability to sincerely empathise and listen to the needs of her customers are the keys to her professionalism and success. With a strong positive attitude, enthusiasm and integrity, Ally understands the importance of keeping an open and honest communication as part of providing genuine and unparalleled customer service to her clients. This is a true testament reflected by multiple referrals and repeat business from her loyal customers.

Ally specialises in helping customers from estimating room sizes or planning the quantity of flooring required to the flooring selection and pricing all done with the mindset of what is best for her customers.


Installation is the key to completion of your purchase. Parrys prides itself in this skill as all our installers are handpicked, tested and reviewed regularly. A large number of Parrys installers have been with the company since established in 1989, and have provided their skill and care to thousands of client’s beautiful new floors.

So confident are we in our installer’s skills and abilities Parrys offer a “Lifetime Warranty” on all their installations. No competitor offers this type of peace of mind.


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