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Residential & Commercial Carpet Perth

Your choice of carpet ranges at Parrys is second to none in Western Australia. We pride ourselves on our buying from manufacturers across the world. Purchasing direct from our Malaga or Belmont warehouses you get to choose your carpet off the roll at an unbeatable price and with the assistance of the most qualified sales consultants.

Plushes, Twists, Cut and loop, Loop piles, Textures, Wool carpet, Wool blends, Berbers, Solution dyed nylon, Commercial carpets, Superweights, Sisal carpets,Tip sheared, Axminster, Specialty prints, Blacklight, Manufactured to order.

A cascade of products, colours and tones from which to choose. Your taste in touch, texture and pattern. The ranges on offer are extraordinary. Only a small portion of the ranges are represented here. Be sure to visit one of our huge warehouses to make your selection, or contact us to progress to a wonderful buying experience.

There is no better display and presentation of carpet products in W.A. The widest range of quality carpets to suit all budgets. You will definitely find the carpet you want at the price you want and have it when you want. So much of our carpeting is laid free with free underlay. When you buy from Parrys you will be very happy indeed.


Carpet Remnants Perth

Carpet remnants can provide a way of getting quality carpet on a budget. Carpet remnants are usually used for a room, hallway, stairs or even just as extra protection for a high traffic area of your home.

When you are looking for discount residential or commercial carpet, off the roll, part roll or carpet remnants of almost any kind, be very reassured carpets are what we sell. For an incredible range of carpets Perth has no better place to go than Parry’s Warehouse selling floor. So much of our carpeting is laid free with free underlay.

For all your floor coverings, timber, vinyls and carpet call us or call in seven day a week. Wherever you are in WA carpet is yours for the asking and very inexpensive indeed at Parrys Carpet and Timber. Like it says on our ads we even sell expensive carpet cheap.